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Lets Work Out Together

Couples who work out together likely to remain together

In light of Monday’s sweethearts’ holiday – Valentine’s Day – why not do something that will show your special someone just how much you love him or her all year long? Of course, I mean work out together.

What better way to show how much you love someone and care, than to do something that will keep them healthy and fit for years to come. OK, maybe I am reaching just a bit, but research shows that couples who exercise and workout together do have higher success rates. So what is the secret to this success? Find something you and your partner can do together, even if one of you is much more fit than the other.

In one study, almost 50 percent of married men who exercised without their wives dropped out of exercise programs while only 29 percent of those who exercised with their wives quit. Try to find an activity you will both enjoy and can do equally well.

The best activities for couples are those that have a social aspect: a club, class or just a group of friends makes the whole effort more fun and more likely to inspire continuance. One sport that is ideal for couples that have very different levels of fitness is cycling.

And if you’re up for a new challenge, try riding a tandem bicycle. You will always be together and you both can get a good workout because the amount of work you do depends on how hard you press on the pedals. If you press with twice the force, you do twice the work, but you’ll always stay together.

Corporate USA is catching on as well. In fact, due to popular demand, many companies recognizing the benefits of a healthy family now have policies in place allowing spouses access to previously restricted company fitness facilities. These companies acknowledge the positive impact spouses have on each other and by encouraging couples training time, are hoping to have an even greater impact on employee health.

One such company is Toyota Corp. in California, where loved ones couldn’t be happier. Not only does it promote health and wellness, but it also provides together time that a lot of couples would otherwise not have.

Regardless of the venue you choose, find something that is fun for both of you and don’t forget to be a cheerleader: “You’re doing great!” “That color looks wonderful on you!” “That was a really hard move!”

Whatever nice things you can think of to say will go a long way toward ensuring a happy relationship and a healthy body. Oh, and by the way, keep the flowers coming too.