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The Balanced Diet: we have seen high carb/low fat diets, (remember the eighties?); we’ve had high protein/zero carb diets, (see: Atkins) in both the 70’s and early 2000’s, and the calorie counting, food weighing, and bizarre food combining diets that still rear their ugly heads from time to time. RESULT? We’re fatter than ever, but selling unprecedented volumes of diet books. Dieting is like the golf swing ~ it has become a mythical phenomenon that can’t be mastered. Oh yeah……………….?

Simplicity is profound! Use the checklist below to eat well and get lean.

1. Always eat breakfast, and include a lean protein source with a complex carb and fat. For example: 1/2 cup oatmeal, egg white, and a fish oil capsule. Or, one slice of rye toast, low sugar yogurt (NOT low fat yogurt, low SUGAR yogurt) sprinkled with flax seeds.

Good options for fat in the morning also include nuts, lox or nova salmon, egg yolk (include yolks with your eggs a couple of times a week……… without the simple carbs, like bread, bagels or boxed cereal.) Yolks are fine for everyone!

2. Lunch is a snap. Turkey or chicken breast, fresh fish or fillet of beef over greens. Have a small piece of fruit with it. However, a turkey or chicken breast sandwich on whole grain bread (whole wheat, rye, sourdough) works with a salad or green veggies, along with a small serving of fruit as well.

3. Dinner should include a 4 to 6 oz. a portion of lean protein, a complex carbohydrate (whole grain rice, quinoa, sweet potato), green vegetable, and a garden salad.

Monitor the portions of carbs to a fist size maximum.

An easy way to get your “good fats” is fish oil capsules, flax seeds, and nuts and seeds in general. Olive oil, especially consumed with cooked tomatoes is a great nutritious addition to your diet.

Balance is the key to releasing fat burning hormones that will get you lean, along with high intensity interval training ~ the type we do at Bo’s! It’s science, not anecdotal or “I heard from a friend of a friend of a friend that……..” which will assist you in getting that lean, muscular, and fit appearance that you’re after!

Portions MATTER!

Protein: size of a deck of playing cards

Carbs: size of a tightly balled fist

Fat: In the foods you eat …. the best ones are plant/seed based, (olive almonds, etc.) and fish based. Limit animal fat to yolks, and low fat dairy.

Eat smaller meals more often ~ every 3 to 3 1/2 hours apart and include ALL the macro-nutrients (protein, carbohydrate and “good” fats).

Mid-morning and mid-afternoon snacks can include: nuts, whey protein shake, 2 oz. cheese with small portion of fruit, hard boiled egg and a small portion of fruit, low-fat cottage cheese and a small portion of fruit, apple with smear of NATURAL peanut butter (commercial brands have high sugar content), plain low sugar/fat yogurt, “ZONE” bar, deli sliced roast beef, turkey or chicken and a small piece of fruit. There are others, but this should get you started!!!

Your Grandmother would be proud! Eat Lean……Train Lean……BE LEAN!!!

Robert J. Crosby MS, ACE, CLFC “fit for living ~ fit for giving”

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