When she isn't treating children at Mount Ascutney Hospital, pediatrician Mary Bender gets to feel like a kid again.

A Norwich resident and mother of two Marion Cross Elementary School students, Bender often joins her sons, sixth-grader Billy and third-grader Danny, on outdoor adventures as part of the Upper Valley Trails Alliance's Passport to Winter Fun program.

She didn't have to go far for the family's most recent outing, utilizing their backyard for sledding.

"I love to sled as much as anyone," Bender said. "But it feels kind of silly doing it without children."

While Bender may be motivated to join as a way to release her inner child, Billy and Danny have more tangible incentives at work. For every hour of physical activity they exercise, another square gets filled in their Passport to Winter Fun.


Casting for a Global Herring Market

By JOHN TAGLIABUE Published: June 23, 2010

 SCHEVENINGEN, the Netherlands — Over the years, France has built the November release of Beaujolais nouveau into a worldwide event, with wine drinkers eagerly snapping up bottles of what is, by most measures, a pedestrian wine. So if it can be done for cheap wine, then why not for herring?

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