July 28, 2009

Atherosclerotic cardiovascular disease remains the leading cause of death as people age. One of the chief contributing factors remains high levels of blood fats. As society has become aware of this, there has been a slight decrease in blood cholesterol levels in the U.S. since the late 1980s, however, consumption of saturated and trans fats remains above recommended levels. Only one-quarter of U.S. adults with high cholesterol levels have it under control. About 24 million U.S. adults are on cholesterol lowering medications. Therefore controlling dietary fat intake is extremely important, but changing society’s nutrition-related behaviors is a major challenge.




For the latest updates pertaining to the H1N1 or Swine Flu outbreak and how it effects us in Collier County, please check out the Collier County Health Department website

As a result of multiple factors, superficial skin tears are very common as people get older. They can often be caused by minor trauma such as bumping against something (the edge of the dishwasher is all too common), a fall or even someone grabbing an arm too vigorously. With age the skin loses some of its’ supportive structures and strength. The underlying capillaries and blood vessels also become more fragile and as a result break more easily causing bleeding and bruising. Past sun exposure and smoking are additional factors that aggravate skin problems like this. We recommend the following when people sustain a skin tear



Many factors can influence driving ability including vision problems, hearing problems, memory disturbances, limited mobility due to arthritis, medication effect and others. If you have a concern, please discuss this with Dr. Koop. If there is any significant uncertainty, there is an organization that does special driving evaluations to insure the individual is safe to drive.

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